Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Finally Did It!

Well...I finally did it! I finally started my blog. I'm not sure why it took me so long. I guess I was somewhat reluctant, and a little intimidated by it, and frankly...I'm really good at procrastinating, especially when I'm not comfortable doing something. Then I couldn't decide on how to start it...the possibilities are endless. In the end I finally decided to just start at the beginning. goes...

My name is Melinda Marie Alexander...and I'm the granddaughter of Portuguese Immigrants who settled in the Historic Seaside City of New Bedford, Massachusetts...and that's where I was born.

This is Downtown New Bedford

I've always loved these cobblestone Streets!

The Harbor

This is Seamen's Bethel. A National Historic Landmark...located at the top of Johnny Cake Hill, in the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. The Bethel was immortalized in Herman Melvill's epic...Moby Dick, as the Whaleman's Chapel.

This is the inside of the Bethel! I sat on the second bench...middle left my cousin Danny's wedding!

This is the house I grew up in! Look at that old car!

And this is me...