Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glazing...with Potters Choice Glazes!

I'm getting ready to glaze my maple leaves...



in some fall colors!



This is the orange glaze I use...PC-52 Deep Sienna Speckle. 
For some reason, my pieces come out darker than this,
but I really like it. I love Potters Choice Glazes!
They're user friendly and very consistent.
This is the red glaze I use...PC-59 Deep Firebrick. 
I call it autumn red...for my leaves, and on my dinnerware.
For my hearts, I call it Vampire Red...because it looks like blood! 
When I fire this red, it always comes out darker than these test tiles.
I'm glad though, I like it better!
I'm going to glaze some in this color...PC-23 Indigo Float.
I usually just call it Indigo, or Cobalt Blue.
I love this glaze!
This is the Indigo, fired in my kiln. 
This one comes out darker than the test tiles too.
It's a beautiful blue!
I'm going to try some in this color...PC-20 Blue Rutile.
I've only used it once, on a small I'm looking forward
to trying it on something a little larger.
This one is darker too, but I like it.
Going to glaze a few in this color...PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle.
And I'm going to do a few in this color combination...
PC-30 Temmoku over PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle. 
I've tested these two already, and it came out good.
Just not sure how it works with texture?
The test tile I used was plain. I'm too impatience to test it again.
 So, I'm just going to try it on a leaf and see what happens.
Going to do some in this color combination...
PC-41 Vert Lustre over PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle.
I've used this color combination several times,
 this is what it looks like when I fire it in my kiln...
It's great on texture!
I'm going to try this color combination...
PC-52 Deep Sienna Speckle over PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle. 
Hope it looks something like this? I like it,
I think it would look nice on some leaves.
It'll probably be a little darker though,
since all the other glazes come out darker.
We'll see!
This color combination...
PC-53 Ancient Jasper over PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle.
Might be nice to try. I think it would look good
on some autumn leaves. What do you think?


 I'm definitely going to try some in this glaze...
PC-55 Chun Plum. I have two bottles,
and haven't tried it yet. I'm just going to go ahead
and glaze some leaves without testing it first.
 But I will do a test tile with texture,
so I can see how it reacts with the texture.
 I'm not sure if I should try this glaze...
PC-60 Salt Buff. I have a bottle,
and haven't tried it yet.
If I put it on a little heavy...hopefully it will
look like the test tile on the right.
Still haven't decided if I should just go ahead
and try it, or do a test tile first?
Maybe I should test it first!


What do you think about these colors?
Which one is your favorite?
I'd love to know what you think!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013



The view from my workshop window...



inspired me to make this raven bowl.



I see this everyday...



So, I decided to make one!


And I made these too!


I think they came out cute!

Coming soon!