Monday, February 3, 2014

New Ornaments

I've moved to Wordpress!

I'm making some new ornaments this year!

These are...Wish Upon a Star Ornaments!
There will be other stars saying...Dream, Hope, and Love!

Man in the Moon Ornaments!
How cute are these!
Super cute Penguin Ornaments!
Bear Ornaments!
These will come in White...Polar Bears,
Brown...Grizzly Bears, and Black...Black Bears!

I'm excited about my new Raven Ornaments. I'm still working on the design.
I think I need to tweak the tail just a little!

And of course, I'll still be making Heart Ornaments!
Took this photo right after making the holes!
Now they're all cleaned up and looking pretty!
These are waiting to be bisque fired.
These are ready for glazing!
And of course I'll be making lots of Bird Ornaments!
My favorite!
Love these little birds!
This year they will come in different clay bodies.
Different textures, and some new colors!
And last but not least...leaves!
I'll still be making these oak leaves.
Going to try some new colors!
And these leaves too!
I have a few ideas about some other new ornaments,
so come back and check them out!