Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Finally Finished...Yay!!!

Yay! It's finally finished!

Here's my other was free too! The wood was reclaimed, and the stainless steel top came from a local restaurant that was undergoing renovation. I'm so glad my husband knew them...they gave it to him for free! It's been used quite a bit...and has some dents and dings...but I don't care! I like it!

I thought this old light was going to work...but it doesn't! I need more light!
I'm gonna have to get a new one...a much taller one.

My husband Jim, and my son Nicholas did such a great job!

I love my new workshop!

Here's my workhorse!
I love this slab roller!

Bought some new glazes...can't wait to try them!

Okay...Now it's time to get dirty!!!