Friday, June 10, 2011

It's getting there!

Well...I think my workshop is coming out quite nicely. It's not completely done...but it's getting there! I absolutely love the color on the's soooo fresh and clean...I'm going to love working in this space!

The baseboard is on and all the woodwork and built-ins are painted a creamy off white. I love this kind of woodwork and trim...bead board and moldings! It makes me happy...makes me feel like I'm in New England again. I guess it's because I grew up in a house that was built in 1906!

The furniture is in place. I'm re-purposing an old armoire for storage and two bookcases my husband made several years ago. Instead of holding books...the bookcases will now hold clay, and glazes. we have to finish painting some of the shelves that go in the built-ins.

One of the two workbench's my husband started to make, will go right front of the large window. I can't wait until it's done...I'm going to have a great view! This workbench will be counter height and the top will be covered in canvas!

The other workbench will go next to my wheel...under the smaller window.

This is my ceiling's sooo pretty, and I'm using energy saving light bulbs! I know...I have a popcorn ceiling. I wasn't about to remove it and cause all that dust...dust is not my friend! I have a lot of allergies and allergy induced asthma, and my husband has removing the popcorn was definitely out of the question. It was so much easier to just paint it anyway. It's not white like most ceilings...the paint has a hint of the crown moldings and built-ins pop...not sure if you can see it in the photo though!

 And here's my wall lamp. It came with dangling crystals...which is nice...but I think I like it better without them. Plus it's less to clean. I really don't want to spend my time cleaning when I can make pottery instead. As soon as I can...I'm hiring a housekeeper!

So...stay tuned! Once the benches are made and painted...I'll be adding some task lighting and a few other things. I also have a project to work on for the wall...above my wheel...I'm really looking forward to that! Thanks for stopping by!