Saturday, May 18, 2013



Name...this new Dinnerware Collection

 and Win one of these Tapas Plates!

I need a name for this collection!
I don't want names for the colors, I want a name for the collection.
For coastal dinnerware is called Backwater Bay!
There will be a lot of different colors in this collection.
cream, vintage blue, bronze, rustic mustard, burnt orange,
indigo blue, vampire red, olive, scarlet red, steal grey and more!
I'll figure out the names for the colors later.
So...If you'd like to win one of these plates, pick a name, post it in the comments section,
 if you're not already following me, give me a follow, if you want.
Share this with you're friends, so they can have a chance to win.
There are no rules...just pick a name!
You can pick as many names as you would like!
That gives you more chances to win!
One name per comment please!
Ohh...I almost forgot!
U.S. shipping only!
Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you!
Good Luck!




  1. What about 'Ligne'? (French for line)
    Kiel dot Lemon at gmail dot com

  2. Here are some ideas Melinda:

    Banana Leaf Cove
    Plantation Breeze
    Laurel Grove

    Thanks! (msbibliotecaria at gmail dot com)

    1. Ohh...these are good Adriana! Oh, I have to pick one! Thanks so much! : )

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