Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pottery Photo Tips



How I Take My Photos!

Before I opened my Etsy Shop, almost three years ago.
I purchased these lamps, and a light tent.
I think I only used the light tent, once or twice...I hated it!
It was a big waste of money! It just takes up room in my closet now.
Then I purchased a varitone graduated backdrop #09.
It was better than the light tent, but I wasn't happy with the dark background.
This is one of my first photos with the varitone backdrop.
This is the same photo, that I edited on
It was a little better, but I still wasn't happy with the dark background.
So, I purchased a gray graduated backdrop #28.
I was really hoping that the light gray one, would be better...but it wasn't!
So, after spending all that money, and not being happy with the results,
I came up with my own backdrop, and it didn't cost very much!
Actually, I don't think I spent any money, because I already had everything I needed!
I cut up two (free) priority mail boxes from the Post Office...the large ones.
I taped them together with shipping tape, and made flaps on the ends,
 so it could stand. Then I covered the spaces that light would shine through,
with small pieces of white card stock that I had laying around, and then taped 
the card stock to my new backdrop with shipping tape...on the front and back.
Here's a closer view!
Once the backdrop was finished, I taped a sheet of white poster board to it,
to cover up the print. Then, I remembered that I had a piece of foam core board,
 so I dug it out of my closet, and placed it in front of the backdrop.
Once that was done, I used another sheet of white poster board
over the first one, tapped it...about half way down the first sheet,
 with some scotch tape, and then draped it over the foam core board.
Then I set up my lamps, one on top of my workbench, and two on the floor!
I don't have an expensive camera...not yet anyway! Hopefully someday I will.
But you can still have great looking photos, even if you don't have a really good camera.
My camera doesn't have white balance, or anything fancy, so I have to edit my photos.
Even though I'm using white poster board, and lamps, the photos still come out dark and
kind of gray (oh, by the way...I don't use the flash on my camera)
Once I take my photos, I go to and edit them.
It's free, but you can upgrade for just $4.99 a's well worth it!
This is an unedited photo. See what I mean, not very appealing!
It looks terrible!!!
This is what it looks like after editing and cropping it on
Now, this is much better! Yay!
Here's what I do!
I go to, click on edit a photo, and select the photo I want to edit.
Then I click on exposure, I slide the highlights bar over to where it looks good,
then I slide the shadows bar to where I think it should be and click apply.
Just play with it, you'll get the hang of it in no time! It's really easy.
Once I do that, I go to the icons on the left...the second one down is the effects icon.
Click on it, then scroll down until you see frost, click on it and apply. You can lighten
up your photo with frost as many times as it takes, to get it the way you want.
Then go back to the icons on the left, and click on the first icon...basic edits.
Now depending on what I want to do with my photo, I'll either click on crop,
and crop my photo, or I'll click on sharpen and then crop. When I click on sharpen
I slide over the sharpness bar, usually about 20%, and click apply. Then I slide over the
clarity bar, usually about 20% and click apply. Just play with it and have fun!
Before you know it, you'll have great looking photos,
and not have to spend a lot of money!
It's easy!!!
Before editing!
After editing!
I do recommend that you invest in some really good lamps, with diffusers!
That was money well spent! I use them all the time!  
Hope this helps you have great looking photos!