Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year - Fresh Start!


Cleaning Up!

Yesterday, I cleaned up my workshop!
I put away my photography equipment, that was taking up all the space on my workbench,
and put away all the pottery that was covering the table.
Now I'm ready to make some pottery!
I have three bags of different colored clay, just waiting for me to dig into,
buckets ready to fill up with water, sponges, and tools!
My wheel is nice and clean...but it won't be for long!
I can't wait to do some throwing!
My slab roller is clean...yay!
You wouldn't believe all the stuff I had on here! I'm so glad it's all put away!!!
The very first items...I'll be making this year, are some plates and platters
using Palmeida's Lace. I'm ready to roll out some slabs!
If you'd like to know more about Palmeida's Lace,
 you can read my blog post from last year.
I'm going to start with some oval platters and some square plates.
I haven't decided which pattern I'll use...yet!
I haven't made anything in a while, been too busy re-opening my shop,
editing old photos, re-listing all the expired listings, glazing, loading, firing, unloading,
taking new photos, editing the new photos, listings new items, packing and shipping!
Phewww...that was a mouth full!
I'm really looking forward to getting dirty, feeling the clay squish through my fingers,
touching it, shaping it, and making something beautiful!
I'll let you know which pattern I use as soon as I make them,
and show you photos of the plates and platters! 

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