Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Done...One To Go!

I love my new workbench! It's awesome...and it was free!

My hubby did such a good job on my workbench!
He used reclaimed wood that was leftover from other projects.

I asked my husband to make me some shelves for storage.
I'm so happy he can build things!

Here it is...all painted... and the canvas is on!

I found these hooks the other day...while I was looking for something! They were in the bottom of a drawer...still in the plastic it came in! I don't remember why I bought them...but they sure did come in handy. One will hold my towel!

The other will hold my clay wires, my ruler, and my little roller!

The shelves really came in handy.
I still have a lot of space behind the containers!
I recycled the lamp...I love doing that! I bought it a long time ago on sale, I think It was only $17.00 on clearance! It was in my hallway for a long time, then it was in the it's on my workbench. I think it looks cute! And of course I had to put my Lab puppy statue on my bench. My son Nicholas gave it to me after we lost the best dog in the world...Lacy! She was a black lab, springer spaniel mix...we had her for 13 years. She was my shadow.
I still really miss her!

And here's my view!
I'm gonna love working in here!

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