Saturday, July 2, 2011

Setting Up...And Getting Organized!

I'm setting up...and getting organized! It's really nice having everything in one place, instead of all over my house! Now I just have to remember where I put it!

I've decided to use the top a display area. These two hand built pieces...are from my line of ancient inspired pottery! I love incorporating ancient forms and adding my own my curvy handles!

The dark blue piece...on the left, was inspired by an Egyptian Vial...which was used to store perfume, and was only 3 inches tall.

I love containers and drawers! I especially love little drawers...someday I'm going to buy one of those library catalog cabinets...the one with all those little drawers!

I'm having a problem deciding how to glaze my large bottle with the handle, and the coils! I'm thinking about using one of the shino glazes from Coyote...what do you think?

Here's a peek inside some of my little drawers! They're holding little tiles, small ornaments, and pendants.

I can't wait to use my wheel! Hmmm...what should I make first?