Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now I know what happened!


It was a great firing,

even though there was a problem!

The birdie ornaments came out great!
They're already washed, and waxed,
and ready for glazing!
Here's a sneak peek at my new ring bowls.
I love these!
Mini birdie bowls!
I love these little birds!
Maple leaves!
Ohh...I forgot this was in there!
I actually made two, but only one made it in the kiln.
There was no more room.
And this is part of my new collection called,
Brooklawn Park!
I'll blog about it later!
So...now I know what happened when my kiln shut off during the firing!
Our new electrician was here, and the problem was that
the circuit breaker for my kiln was the wrong one!
We had a 50 amp breaker, and my kiln needed a 60 amp breaker.
The electrician who had installed it (he's retired now), put in
the wrong one, and that's why the outlet, and the plug was fried.
It wasn't the lightning at all!
Holy Cow...I wonder what would have happened if I fired my kiln again?
It's all fixed now...Yay!
I'm so glad my Hubby had it checked out!
Thank you Honey!
Okay...gotta go glaze! 


  1. Seriously....absolutely gorgeous! Love the ring bowls!

    1. Thanks Kimberly! Just loaded two of them in the kiln, can't wait to see how they come out! : )