Friday, April 22, 2011

It Was One Of Those Weeks...Part 2

So...after making plates...I started to make some bowls. I really like these cute Ruffle Rim Bowls!

I think they'll look really cute in pretty Spring pink, yellow, baby blue, mint, and peach!

Everything was going thumb nail put a huge crater in the side of my bowl! Well...maybe it wasn't a crater, it looked more like a mini Grand Canyon really! It was about 2 inches long, and really deep! So after staring at it, and thinking..."I can't believe I did it again," I walked over to my bag of clay...grabbed a piece and rolled it out. This time...I didn't have to think about how to fix it. I just made a leaf.

  And here it is!

And now I have a matching set!

This was my other problem! I made this really cute Flower Bowl...and when it started to started to crack, and it wasn't just one was four! So...being the stubborn person that I am...I decided to fix it!

After fixing it cracked again, and again, and again! See...I told you I was stubborn!

So...after fixing it four times...I think I did it! These are the tools I used to fix it! A handy little (very sharp) kitchen knife, an old cleaning tool from when I was 15...can you believe I still have that thing? My favorite wooden tool that's almost 21 years old, a plastic knitting needle (my secret weapon), from my knitting days, and a makeup sponge...which is very handy for small spaces! So far, so good...I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it makes it through the firing!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    I really liked your ceramic collection. I've recently started practicing pottery...So exploring different pottery blog to get tips and tricks. Im little inquisitive as how did you fix the clay piece shown above after it was dried. I will surely try it once. I wish you had uploaded the video :)

  2. Sorry it took so long to comment, Pooja! Been having a problem commenting on my blog and other blogs...don't know why? Looks like the problem is resolved though! Yay! Thank you so much! The piece wasn't completely was in the process of drying, but still workable. Ohhh...I wish I had too...but unfortunately I don't have a video camera. Wish I did! : )